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AIR provides opportunities for independent reading experiences and enrichment activities in and outside of classroom environments. We form partnerships with schools and local community services such as Fire and Police departments, community centers, shelters, day camps, churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, the YMCA, sports teams and other organizations desiring to provide literacy enrichment programs.


Our programs

GROW YOUR STORY TREEOur premiere option, this 8-week interactive program puts kids at the center of creating their own books, professionally produced by Flying Turtle Publishing.

  • Starts with an exploration of genres and story elements input from kids on what elements they would like to see included in the book
  • Uses Grow Your Story Tree, a Writer’s Workbook for a step-by-step process to begin the book-writing adventure.
  • The book, refined by Mari Lumpkin (Barnes) the Director of the program and published author weaves the kids into the story line Published books presented to kids at a celebration Pop-up event.

GROW YOUR POET-TREE A multi-week interactive program providing an opportunity for kids to create their own book of poetry, professionally produced by Flying Turtle Publishing.

The focus is on self-regulation and mindful meditation/breathing practices that translate into less anxiety, more focus and improved behavior. This workshop segment is customizable for the age/size of groups and amount of space to accommodate yoga postures, mindful breathing and meditation exercises.


Using AIR activities, we encourage parents to read
​for their own enjoyment and to model reading for their children. Includes a book giveaway.

“Who Were You?” Reading and Activity workshops

Fun and bonding as each child and adult share memories and activities in these fun workbooks.

Themed Reading Parties ( e.g., carnival, dinosaurs, teddy bear picnics, scavenger hunts) that could take place anywhere, in classrooms, team practices, scout meetings, Sunday school, parks, beaches, hospitals, homeless shelters. The activity selections depend upon the theme, the age/size of group, amount of space and time. Examples: make-and-take crafting; literacy in motion (My Peace Place Mindful Movement, or word play races); seat work (Imagination Activation creative writing activities) with two dedicated Reader Leaders and all materials for activities, including books for children to keep and enjoy.

The DATE (dimensions and time exchange) Letter Writing program

Lets children write to and receive answers from anyone and anything—from historical figures to unicorns!

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