Flying Turtle Publishing is a full-service hybrid publisher.

 Our authors invest in the production of their books. In return, they retain full content rights and receive one of the highest royalty percentages in the business at 85%. Flying Turtle Publishing’s team of experts will work closely with you to create a high-quality book that you can share with pride

Are you looking for a publishing partner? Let’s talk. After reviewing your submission, we’ll give you a call to discuss your goals and walk you through our publishing process. Working  together, we can create YOUR BEST BOOK!

What You Get

Editing, art and design services—valuable contributions for writers who lack the skills, experience and/or time to go it alone.

  • Interior print and eBook formatting
  •  Cover creation
  •  Assignment of ISBNs
  •  U.S. Copyright Registration
  •  20 paperback copies
  •  Your choice of Amazon or Ingram global distribution​
  •  Quarterly sales and royalty reports

Flying Turtle Publishing requires at least one round of copy editing.

  •  One round of editing – includes proofreading for punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure
  •  Layout edit and print check
  • Developmental editing and substantive development is available at an additional cost

FTB Your Best Book™ Services

We also offer:

Production Services

If you choose to self-publish, we will provide a print-ready pdf or e-book conversion file ready for you to upload to the printer of your choice. You will
be the publisher of record.

Developmental Editing

 Available for an additional fee negotiated with the specific editor you request, Substantive editing for organizational structure, logic, design, consistency of narrative voice, time line structure, character development. It may also include outlining and story arcing.

 This intensive editing is designed to help writers organize their thoughts and notes into book format. Because it requires such individualized and detailed attention, authors who desire this service are charged the current industry-standard hourly rate.

For more information or to schedule your FREE 15-minute “Meet and Greet” call, please contact us at 
​or call 773-972-9328.

 Creative Design

  •  Illustration and cover design
  •  Interior formatting and page layout


We do not promise that your book will sell a million copies; most self-published titles sell fewer than 200 copies. But we will jumpstart your marketing efforts with  a marketing pack which includes

  • 50 postcards, 50 bookmarks, 
  •  90 days of social media marketing, including Facebook and Instagram ad design, author page
  •  Your cover and book details on our website and the Flying Turtle​ Publishing Facebook page

​Flying Turtle Publishing